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Mason Mount was the face of a huge project by FFF last year, as the organisation works with Premier League clubs and more to tackle climate change

"Sustainability is really important for us all to learn about,” Chelsea star Mason Mount says. “And if we all do our bit, we can help to make a change.”

It is a message growing louder and louder as the planet faces an incredible situation in potentially irreversible climate change – and when there is a well-recognised England international telling you that, the reach the message is given is only amplified.

“Maybe there's a 13-year-old Chelsea fan who thinks that to be sustainable is just really uncool. Maybe he hates his geography class. But then he sees Mason Mount talking about it and, wow, his whole world changes,” Elliot Arthur-Worsop, founding director of Football for Future (FFF), the home of sustainability in English football, tells GOAL.

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Late last year, it was he and his team that helped facilitate this project that saw Mount talk about a global ongoing issue.

It was a collaboration not only with one of the stars of the Premier League, but with Chelsea, Tottenham, Nike and two more non-profit organisations - Bloomsburg Football and Football Beyond borders - to deliver the message to as many fans as possible

“Mason Mount is now the highest profile English player ever to speak out about sustainability and we facilitated him doing that,” Arthur-Worsop says, repeating it almost to confirm to himself that this really happened. “I think that's incredibly cool in itself.

We collaborated with @SpursFoundation, @CFCFoundation, @FBeyondBorders and @bloomsburyftbl to deliver the first workshops on the relationship between football and climate change.

Thanks to @nikefootball and @nikelondon for making this happen ⚽

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